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Letter All P2H UNIX servers have the Powerful Linux operating system, running the Apache Web Server with Perl 5.6.0 and PhP 4.0.4P1 support. If you need ASP support you must notify us so we can put your domain on a server running ASP.

*All P2H Plans Include The Following Except As Noted


10 Meg 25 Meg 50 Meg 100 Meg 200 Meg

300 Meg

Quaranteen Anti-Virus System $5 Mo. $5 Mo. $5 Mo. Included Included Included
Invision PowerBoard
(Message Board)
$5 Mo. $5 Mo. $5 Mo. $5 Mo. Included Included
Web-based Multi User Calendar $5 Mo. $5 Mo. $5 Mo. $5 Mo. Included Included
Guest Book $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. Included
Poll Taking Software $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. Included
Network Query Tool $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. Included
Secure Mail $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. $4 Mo. Included
Number of POP Email Accounts (separate login password) Includes POP accounts, aliases, and auto-responders, however  you would like to use them. Setup & Modify Them Yourself At Anytime. 25 25 50 100 200 300
Data Transfer Limit 1
High-speed Dual Xeon Servers with 2 Gig of RAM
Connected to the Internet via fully redundant, multiple direct connections
Your Own Graphical Control Panel To Manage Your Site
Your Own IP Address
24 Hr. FTP Access
Email Aliases
Email Auto-Responders
Email Forwarding
Spam Vault Anti-Spam System
Web-Based Email Access From Anywhere at Anytime
FrontPage 98 / 2000 / 2002 Extensions
Password Protect Your Directories    
Run Your Own CGI's  
Graphical Site Stats    
Server Side Includes - SSI  
Your Own Site Search Engine    
Setup Your Own Email Accounts
Real Audio & Video Support  
PHP Scripting Support  
MySQL Database Support    
Archive Manager To Make Your Own Compressed ZIP or TAR Files For Backup Safety    
Anonymous FTP    
Setup Your Own Forwarding URLs    
Graphical Hit Counters    
SSH Telnet Access    
PGP and PGP Mail      
Mailing Lists Announcement or Moderated With Auto Subscribe Etc. 0 0 1 2 3 3
Fast, friendly tech support by phone and by email.
Parked Domains YES @ $4.00 Mo. Each
Forwarded Domains (Into a folder) YES @ $5.00 Mo. Each
Regular Backups
1 Hr. Setup - Upload Right Away
Shopping Cart System Full Featured
N/A Optional On All But 10 Meg Plan
Shopping Cart System Lite Version Optional On Any Plan

*Budget 5 Features Are Different. See Info Here

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